Treasure Hunting in Florida

Treasure hunting in Florida is an opportunity for you to chase an adventure. If you have ever dreamed of treasure hunting, then Florida is a state to search.

Since the days of pirates, Florida has been a treasure hunting paradise. Countless treasure stories are well documented regarding pirate wrecks filled with gold and silver off Florida’s coast.  Accounts of attacking Seminole Indians raiding Federal Army soldiers and stealing their payroll have been documented. And stories of Spanish treasures buried on land throughout the State have been written.

But be careful, many of the stories of Florida treasures are myths. Also, as the stories have been passed down by storytellers and writers through generations many times, the stories change each time they are told or written.

Treasures have been found in Florida. And many more exist there. But before the smart treasure hunters ever set foot on a piece of property to search, they have first done their research. It’s non-sense to read a story about a treasure and use only that information to set out searching for it. Many of the stories you read about are full of inconsistencies. It’s the reason why it’s important to research every story before you head out to search an area.

Ideas for Research

The best way to get a lead on lost treasures in Florida is by visiting local historical societies. Many times, they will have old newspapers archived on microfiche film. You can scan through the film and look for any stories that may pertain to a treasure. I know a few treasure hunters that have found treasures by scanning the old newspapers.

An example would be to search in the old newspaper archives and to look for stories about a hermit or a miser dying. Often, that person would hide their money. The old newspapers printed articles like the above situations.

In addition, ask the historian who works at the historical society if they know of any stories about local treasures. Asking questions is the best way to get started in your search.

Read old magazines and books about Florida; they often told stories about treasures hidden in the State. You can still find some of those issues in used bookstores or at flea markets, estate sales, and auctions.

Do you know older persons in a small town or village? They know everything that has gone on for years. They love to talk about the past. You may be surprised at what you learn.

It’s also a good idea to have a reliable metal detector when searching.

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Treasure Hunting in Florida Can Be an Adventure

Here are possible treasures in Florida.

The Florida Everglades is known to have many treasures buried there. One, in particular, is the treasure of a Confederate paymaster during the Civil War. Union soldiers were chasing him, so he buried $200,000 in gold coins and paper currency, totaling one million dollars. The paymaster left a clue that read, “chased by the enemy, we buried our payroll at a point in the Everglades at a junction of two creeks, where the land rises like a camel’s back. The money is buried in the west hump of the rise.”

Somewhere in the vicinity of Cross City, in Dixie County, are eight barrels of currency that were cached by traders. Soon after, Andrew Jackson hung the two traders because they sold weapons to the Seminole Indians and incited them to violence. Supposedly the treasure was buried near the convergence of two streams near the northern area of Cross City.

Near Mayport, in Duval County, an English ship wrecked in 1784. Survivors of the wreck buried four chests of gold coins. A few days later, they were captured and hung as spies.

Here are a few more buried treasures in Florida.

If you’re going to be treasure hunting in Florida on public land, then be aware of the Federal law regarding removing items from State or Federal properties.

Yes, we do have ghost towns here in the east, and treasure hunting in Florida ghost towns can be a lot of fun. 

Buried Treasure Books
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