trash heap treasure

by Butch miller

to seek the treasure is all

to seek the treasure is all

this place is called what allan ? " The sewer hole? no dummy.. its the old pineville dump!!! you know the refuse pond the trash DUMP!! Well O.K. !! lets get detecting-Now you know your gonna find some trash in this place!!! aluminum, steel, iorn, tin and God knows what else..well sure enough allan find some old nails and some old copper and then the lucky tramp finds some old barrels full of steel pellets!! you gonna haul them or make the monkeys carry them ? after tons of dead iorn and false hits..i find some old jewelry--1950's and then some old car parts and then a lone signal///WWWWWEEEEWWWWHHHHRRRIIIEE...???/a load of 200 old corn bread pans and some strange looking material i still cant figure out!! thems mine!! and all of them are spoke for!! yes sir and wont the wife love me for the extra two tons of trash!! allan always mumbles when he hunts and i think he talks in unbroken cheerokee or mountain drool or sumthin!! he comes up with a carton of old scissors and some fingernail clippers !! about 1000 of them !! whoopie he says !! hey its treasure aint it? yepper allan, yepper!! but the point is this...we found the old dump by asking the locals thier know how and the history of pineville,louisiana. now it aint the best place to look ...but why NOT?? next week we are going to hunt at holly beach,louisiana for rings, watches, necklaces and coins!! you coming along? see you there!! thank you, butch miller

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Jan 21, 2013

Butch, I agree!
by: Frank

Hey Butch, thanks for this story. I like the jargon. I have to agree with you about the trash heap treasures. You never know what you'll find in these places. And, they are everywhere. You just need to ask where they are.

Thanks again,

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