Thicket finds

by frank Neusom
(sun valley , montatna.)

the underbrush here in montana is gruling and menacing..let alone the wildlife.but for bobby and me,its all about the finds!!the reading bob got was iorn .about 457% on the read-out window..O.K. so lets dig already i said.O.K. by me bob said...little did he or i know that a snake den was what we were digging INTO.after the 15 th or so shovel full..bobby yelps out.."SNAKES, least 5 ugly venomous rattlers all woke to the mans digging thier cave dwelling..after 25 minutes of throwing rattlers and beating the Crap out of two..we heard the detectors cry"FIND"!!!it was apparent that this was here for at least an hundred years-it was a ragged old saddle bag full of Coins!!at least 400 coins all in prime shape from some bank or privateers hide,the snakes were guarding the spot for US!! the fact that there is so much territory to cover -reminds me of the Hours of library and map time to get this far into the hunt!! bob swears he felt more snkes in the briary dirt hole..but was satified with the COINS!!we high tailed it out to our vehicles and went to bobbys ranch home to celebrate the discovery!! lots of luck fellow diggers and remember to be safe and determied to find treasure anywhere at any time!!-Frank Neusom-montana.

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Mar 28, 2011

GREAT Story!
by: Frank

Frank, what a great story. Obviously your researched paid off. I'm curious however. How long did you search for this? How much time did you put into the research?

Thanks again,

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