They Seized Our Lands
How the Powerful, Land Grabbed America

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Yes, "They Seized Our Lands!" They, are the powerful and corrupt in America. If you’re interested in how congress, politicians, including one former president, the beauracrats, and some archeologists have used their authority, and influence to literally steal millions of acres of U.S. land, then read my report.

In this report I’ll explain:

How a former President dishonestly enacted Americas first land law.

Why the first land law was unconstitutional.

Why the tenth amendment of the Constitution is important.

How some archaeologists break the law regarding antiquities.

“Frank, your information is short and to the point. I’ve never read anything, or even heard a whisper about this. As someone who loves the outdoors, I’m saddened by the fact that more and more land is being taken away, and we’ve become more restricted about what we can and cannot do when camping, hiking, backpacking, etc.

Thks for this info…

Connor J.

They Seized Our Lands
How the Powerful Land Grabbed America

“I will no longer look at these people through my rose colored glasses. Thanks for this report Frank.

Dennis S, USA”

"Frank, I'm amazed at the information in your report. Anyone who gives a damn about America and OUR lands should read this. Thanks for your research!

Emily in PA"

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