They Have 4 Legs, Don't They?

by Sandy
(Williamsburg, Pa)

It was an unusually warm February about 4 years ago. My husband was cutting logs in our woods on our property. I got out the metal detector once again. I had searched the area many times before, and always coming up empty. I got tired of always pulling up barbed wire as my reward! This time I was shocked to retreive a very old work horse shoe. It was unique as it had what looked like ice grips on it. Then I found a second one and a third one! These were all found in a pattern which seemed to indicate a standing horse had lost its shoes! However, shoe #4 has become the lllusive one. I go back to the site often, and have not found #4. That mystery will never be solved.
Maybe you can tell me what/when the shoes were made? Lots of deep corrosion on them. I made a conversation piece by putting the shoes on an old barn board along with hats, sheriffs badges ( which were souvenir purchases), pieces of iron, and some shells.

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Sep 04, 2022

Interesting, and I have No Idea
by: Frank

Thanks for posting this. As well, I'm curious as to what kind of horseshoes they are. I've found many over the years but have never found any like what you have. Hopefully, someone can shed light on these.

Thanks again,


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