the road to riches

by buck phillips

 the old morgue

the old morgue

...after 5 hours and a tired hunting dog i finally rested by a tree on this dead end farm road(TX-345) it dead ended at an old building called the morgue.obviousily it was a strange place..but i got the old mimi-lab out and started to hunt...finally i got a big ping reading by an old sidewalk leading to the entrance..A .50cent piece 1957..still searching i found 39 more coins all 40-and 50's then i went to the shaded area where the lounge table picknic area once thrived with nurses and!!!a ring, two dimes some nickles and a funny bracelet made of gold!!i was happy..but the last find made me yell- a watch in fair shape-GOLD band and diamonds worn by god knows who?and how these things go missing and under ground ? you got me folks!!! but the day wasnt watsed and my pockets were full so away went we to the home!! i found the deserted place by using the internet search for old delapitated buildings and so the asylum came up as deserted and i went.but remember to always research before you dig!!! ghosttowns are common on texas nd i assume you can read maps-even if they are displayed on your computer!!! very valuable is the internet for information on all kinds of locations. next i will go to an old camp and trench around for coins...good luck and next time i will give duke (my Hunting dog) some iorn pills and some Vitamin C pills to keep him humping and to be my watcher for if the coast is clear and long -buck phillips Ft. worth,texas. 76021

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Mar 05, 2012

Buck, Nice Finds!
by: Frank

Hi Buck, thanks for posting your story. It's amazing what a little research can do. Obviously, yours paid off big time. Do you have pictures of the watch? It would be nice to see here.

Thanks again,

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