The Freemasons

Many treasure stories have been attached to the Freemasons.

And for some treasure hunters, their quest to locate a treasure buried by this secret society has been also a search for knowledge.

What and who are the Freemasons?

What is their mission?

The search for answers, and the truth continues.

Treasure Hunters Are Inquisitive By Nature

For those of us who have been successful in our search for treasures, whether they are for coins lost or dropped by someone in a park, a dive below the oceans to search for the remains of an old pirate ship, the search for a buried cache on the property of an old homestead, or even a treasure hunt buried by the Freemasons, we have a desire and a thirst for knowledge.

The knowledge we gain is through our research and our abilities to go beyond what many will attempt to do. That is why we are successful.

We ask questions about places and events where others would be complacent to just accept as fact.

Thousands of treasures across the globe have been searched for an uncovered because a few inquisitive, and knowledgeable, treasure hunters decided to ask questions.

For centuries, Freemasons have been steeped in controversy regarding buried treasures.

The Freemasons and Sir Francis Bacon

Sir Francis Bacon was a seventeenth century philosopher, author, scientist, poet and politician living in England. He was also a Freemason. His writings include his Essays, and his book, “The New Atlantis”.

The New Atlantis was a book about utopia and a mythical island.

Many Baconians believe that “The New Atlantis” was a book filled with ideas that Bacon wanted to institute in the new lands across the seas, in the New World, America.

Sir Francis Bacon and his “Good Pens” followers which consisted of individuals such as, Sir Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake, Christopher Marlowe , Ben Jonson, and many more, had a collection of sacred documents, historical records, artifacts, silver and gold coins and the original literary manuscripts of famous authors. The most famous being the original copy of the King James Bible, which Baconians believe that, Sir Francis Bacon was the original editor of that bible. And if true, that this collection exists of historical artifacts exists, where are they hidden.

Also included in these treasures were the following:

The lost writings of Shakespeare, – many believe that Bacon wrote the Shakespeare plays

Original copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution,

The plan of the “Good Pens”, and this secret society, under the guidance of Sir Francis Bacon, was to bring these treasures across the ocean to the New World at the time that the American colonists were first populating its shores.

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