Texas Lost Treasure

Texas lost treasure sites are listed on this page. However, I cannot promise that this information is completely accurate. As treasure tales go, because they have been passed down through many years, certain elements of the lost treasure story may have been altered, either intentionally or otherwise.

This information should be researched through other means as well. Never rely on one piece of information about a treasure story you are researching. Use multiple research tools.

Texas Lost Treasure Sites

Good luck! And have fun in your search for Texas lost treasure.

 The Lost Silver Ledge Mine

Located in Croton Brakes Canyon.

The lost Jim Bowie Silver Mine

Located on the San Saba River near Menard.

the Lost San Saba Gold Mine

Located on the San Saba River just south of Menard.

The Lost Spanish Fort Gold Mine

Located approximately thirty miles north of Bowie on County route 59.


Located on route 114 approximately six miles northwest of Avery. This town was founded in 1840, and prospered as a cowtown. It was then destroyed by Union Troops. Somewhere inside this town is a buried treasure of silver coins, cached by a wealthy rancher who was shot and killed.


Located on Lavaca Bay, at the very end of route 316. There are stories about a number of treasures having been buried in the area.

Cove Hollow

Located near Rosston. The outlaw gang of Sam Bass supposedly buried som of their stolen booty Cove Hollow.

Chalk Hill

Located in Dallas County. The Sam Bass gang is reported to have buried more treasure in an old Spanish mine on Chalk Hill.

Pilot Point

located in northeastern Denton County. Sam Bass and his outlaws also buried a treasure somewhere in the Pilot Point area.

Victoria Peak

Located in the Sierra Diablo Mountains. Mexican miners buried approximately $300,000 in gold bullion near Victoria Peak. Returning with supplies, they were unable to locate the spot where they had buried the treasure.

Texas lost treasure may be located in ghost towns.

Laws, Don't Break Them!

There are laws that pertain to digging artifacts on State or Federal lands. Be sure you are not breaking any of these laws.

If you're digging on private property you only need the permission from the property owner. 

Metal detecting in city, town or village parks is ok as long as you see no signs that tell you not to dig or metal detect.

Know the law before you dig!

49 Places to Metal Detect, And More

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