Tesoro Metal Detectors For Sale

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Tesoro Metal Detectors For Sale  
But First Some Tesoro History

The links to the Tesoro metal detectors are below. However, first I’d like to give you a brief outline of how Tesoro began. It’s an interesting beginning. Much like another American made metal detector manufacturer.

Tesoro metal detectors is located in Prescott AZ. It is owned by the Gifford family. It was Jack Gifford who began Tesoro in July of 1980. But before starting Tesoro, Jack worked for a time at Bounty Hunters metal detectors. While there, he and another employee started their own metal detector business, C&G Technologies. Unfortunately, after a few years, C&G Technologies closed.  It was at this time that Jack Gifford went to work at Fisher Research Labs. And then a call from a friend who just purchased Bounty Hunter, asked Jack to come back, and that he did.

Once again a situation happened with the sale of Bounty Hunter due to the owner’s health, and that’s when Jack Gifford decided to once again start his own metal detector manufacturing business.

In 1981 Tesoro became the first metal detecting company to offer a Lifetime Warranty. That warranty is still a standard in the industry to this day.

There are Tesoro metal detectors for sale all across America and outside the U.S. Pricing will be the same from dealer to dealer, that’s a Tesoro commitment that keeps a fair price policy for all dealers large or small, whether they are brick & mortar, or sell online.  So for you the consumer, your buying choice comes down to your trust of the dealer, and not price.

So with that being stated, with the online presence that my name has in the industry, I can’t afford to be dishonest. Nor do I want to be.

Before you make a purchase, please be sure to read my shipping and handling guidelines, as well as my payment, and refunds guidelines.

Yes, Tesoro metal detectors for sale here at my website, and after you purchase one,  enjoy the excitement of finding relics in so many areas.

I also sell Garrett Detectors

Tesoro Metal Detectors


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