Territory Hunt and caxhe

by james deville
(alberta ,louisiana)

more for sure with future hunting

more for sure with future hunting

almost every treasure hunter holds tales of discreet locations to hunt......b ut the site in question was the old school building that was torn down a month previuos. go detect the now leveled grounds! so, at 6:45 am- i showed up to detect the grounds with a $100.00 detector i purchased at the local pawnshop -( a pioneer 202 series detector) and began to scan the 100 yard area. "BUUUZZZZ" manyt signals the first 20 feet. Nails, pop tabs, pennies 1950's and then the strange signal!!! after 14 inches of hole pluggin it was to the side in the fresh dug earth. it showd to be an old victory nicle!!! after 20 minutes it was more pennies, nickels and then modern quarters......but we were just starting the dig!!! at about 45 minutes or so, the signakl was strong and dug the plug with vigor!! a ring-silver with funny red stones!! what year? dont know!! but anyhow the grand prize was ahead!! at 1-hour and 30 minutes it began the thtrill!! four silver 1890's era half dollar, quarter,dime and pewnny -all 1900 and below!! at this point judge ballad showed up!! old judge ballard was bit with detecting to get him active agin after retiring as the district judge here in alberta county-"Hi james!!! -oh , hi judge!! ready to hunt coins?? sure am son, wheres the gold? -go see my friend , you know hoqw to operate dont yoyu? -O.K. son, move along so i can hunt!!- well , sure as rain -this judge tallied over 27 coins in 1 /1/2 hours and picked more silver than me!! he was using an online bought whites detector costing $500.00 bills! he scoure3d the half acre field relentlessly and stopped at 27 coins- half dollars and quarters and a necklace and pendant and many dimes and pennies-wheaties!! =-so the old judge showed me up-but look how short a time it took and his luck!! i guess he had the electro-coin-scan advantage with his honey hole detector-but it payed off!! he left before lunch and left me to hunt for 3 more hours with some luck!1 but the story here is to locate the old grounds of previous structures and go hunt!!! thank you James deville=south louisiana.

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Dec 10, 2017

I Agree
by: Frank

"get out and locate the old grounds of previous structures."

Thanks James, a pretty interesting story.

It's so important for people in the hobby, who want to locate older coins and relics, to find the older areas that people frequented.

And area is completely hunted out.

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