St.Patricks day

by patricia
(springfield mo)

Hi, my name is Patricia, I always loved reading lost treasures and enjoyed seeing lost towns, I grew up near the Jesse James farm,had been there a couple times as a kid, and was always very interesting, I guess that's probably,what intrigued me to purchase a cheap metal detector. I finally had a metal detector and had an itch to try it out,So took off to a place outside Springfield mo, an old trail I liked to walk sometimes, and that's where my boyfriend dug out of the ground a cuff button, we were both so excited, at first we thought it was a coin,but then soon realized it was a button, then after getting it cleaned we found it had engraved on the front,the words,specmur agendo, and then I found out what it meant, yes it wasn't gold but it meant alot to me the meaning alone is really something to live by.. I have found some things since then, but nothing,has got me as excited, untill then I continue to search..

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Jun 29, 2011

RE: Your Picture
by: Frank

Patricia, if you'd like send the picture in an email to me, and I will attach the picture to your story.

Thanks again!

Jun 29, 2011

Thanks for your story!
by: Frank

Patricia, Thanks for sharing that story. Can you post a picture of that find?

Let us know if you find anything else.


Jun 29, 2011

by: patricia

Sorry,I thought I uploaded picture,don't know what went wrong while uploading,and I don't know how to add it now?

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