stones turn


imagine it/then do it!

imagine it/then do it!

..maybe over here then near these rocks i said!!sure enough"WWERRRIE...the detector buzzed the familiar sound of locATED gizmo whatever it may be. after 2 minutes i feel this object. tin !! open!!coins-old-1860's and all silver-i dont know if they were buried at this site for keeping until later-but the spot was researched by me on line and this is a fielded area where homestaders once pondered. aftere an hour more i dug up horseshoes,lamps and eating utinsiles and some spent cartridges. however, more research and old maps later i hope to uncover more pioneer wears and tears!! thank you, marshal dunnkirk-east texas.and remember to plug them holes as to not cause the gopher hole effect!!later.....

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