"Squirrel haven Bandit"

by dale hopkins

the story was that the old cemetary was abandoned in 1950's for lack of space! i said why not! so as i parked the suburban and weeded out towards the old place..i noticed the tree in the center of the cemetary was huge and graceful and large with dozens of squirrels frolicking in and around the base. so as i drewcloser and turned on my garret detector($350.00) i panned the base of the tree and instantly was alerted. my finds? rings. necklaces, coins-1940',1950's, and lots of trash to!but the fact is that there are places you never think about that reveal treasure!so research your maps and ask and finf them locations!i lifted the trinkets despite the clamour of the squirrels and thier domain-but found plenty of relic quality items!i suggest you find the old sites and even the baseball parks-but remember this, there is no such thing as a hunted -out location!later and happy hunting ! dale hopkins-alabama

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Jun 14, 2013

Dale, Thanks!
by: Frank

Hey Dale, your story is so true. I can't tell you how many times I have located finds in areas you would never think of detecting.

And for sure, I'll have to follow more closely, those squirrels.


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