Death Be To Traitors


Much of history as we know it is subjective. Often taught with tainted views, American History needs questioning. Unfortunately, too many answers to the truths about our past lay in silence. They rest in words not spoken. But some of those questions to once called historical controversies are being unearthed and answered by hobbyists with metal detectors, professional treasure hunters, and researchers. In a hobby that many have attacked and criticized, brave men and women are boldly moving forward and uncovering truths that academia and government conceal.

"Frank, I first found you when I watched your tv show. You may not remember I sent you a note about how much I loved the series. Told you you and your friend, cohost John were perfect for the show. I’ve watched the series a few times. I have the dvd. Do you still sell them? Now I’m wondering if Reed in your book is a character you copied from Johns funny business? You guys used to bust on each other a lot, John seemed to be the comedian. This new Traitors book was fun to read interesting to and I liked the adventure. I didn’t know you had a newsletter so I will sign up for it.

Thk u

Conroy, Pit PA"

“Frankie, btw, I love your newsletter. Anyway, I’m halfway through your book, and I must say, it’s piqued my curiosity. Here’s why. Before reading it, I finished another about Lincoln’s murder. Found out it may not have happened the way we’ve been taught. Oh my! I shouldn't have been surprised about that, right? But your book, knowing it’s fiction as I’m reading it has interesting tidbits of history and ideas about the murder, so it prompted me to ask myself the question, why were we never taught about the KGC in school? Once again, I shouldn't be surprised about that either. Ok, because of your book I'll try and find more reading about the KGC. I’ll write more about the book when I’m finished reading it. Thanks.

Pauli, N.C.”

"Being interested in the kgc Frank, I’ve done a bit of research on them. But your book opened my eyes to some things I wasn’t aware of. I also believe the kgc were offshoots of the masons and freemasons. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that your book was a page turner.

Anna S, Missouri"


Frank, I’ve read all your books, and Death Be To Traitors once again did not disappoint me. I had no idea about the kgc, their buried treasures, or their hands in murders and torture. As for Lincoln’s assassination, your right, that tragedy and your take on it leads to more questions.

Thanks again for a fine book. Keep’em coming!

Michaill A, USA”

“What in the world did I just finish reading? Frank, your latest book, Death Be To Traitors, was adventurous. You had me hooked from the get-go. And the characters Chance and Reed were great. Reed cracked me up more than once with his nuttiness. Will they be in your next book as you hinted to? I hope so.

Good read.

Walt P, Texas"


During the early nineteenth century in America, a secret organization of southern sympathizers called the "Knights of the Golden Circle," KGC, spread their influence and power to orchestrate their control of southern states and institute a new form of government.  

Murder, torture, and treason were the organization's trademarks. KGC members stole vast amounts of gold and silver and buried their treasures in hundreds of areas across America. Many have speculated that the secret hid their stolen loot to finance the assassination of President Lincoln. If true, then the secret society's involvement with the assassination has been smothered, much like the assassination of President JFK.

"Death Be To Traitors" is a story of American History that will lead you to examine the controversy regarding President Lincoln's assassination.

Death Be To Traitors” is historical fiction that many will question. And that’s a good thing.


I have dedicated this book to those brave men and women in the hobby of metal detecting who research, locate and share their historical finds with the public, academia, and government officials, even as those people criticize them.


This book is a digital eBook in PDF format. There are no soft cover or hard book copies available.

The cost is $4.95 for my newsletter subscribers. That is a 50% discount price. The book contains 265 pages.

“Hey Frank, I read your Traitors book in 3 days. I’m a slow reader and it usually takes me 6 months to read a book that length. But your book kept me interested enough to keep going with it. I even read it while I was eating. I never do that. I’ve always loved stories about lost treasures. I don’t own a metal detector but always wanted one. Your book convinced me to buy one. I’ll be contacting you about which one to buy. Maybe someday I can find a lost treasure. A fine story this was. Thanks for keeping me on your list of happy customers.

Sam D. Michigan”  


“Frank, I’m an armchair historian and have never heard of the KGC. However, I will be researching the KGC. Thanks for the adventure.

Justin, NY”

"I found the book to be very exciting and engrossing, definitely a good read held my interest"

Allen C, Maine

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