by donald st.jude

..i recently found so many coins ..i almost had a Tack!!!a big one!!!2(**225 LBS> -sacks of Morgan dollars under an old ball park diamond!!!it took a hoist on the back of a 79 Chevy to lift them and we were so "BEDAZZLED" and GEEK sydromed that we were speachless ...that is Until we broke the sacks and ""CCCHHIINNNGGG....all those morgans gusshed out onto the dirt by second base!!!!the location was in Coute la doueaux(POP.145) ,louisiana and the time was 7:30 p.m. on febuary bringing them to light we discovered that they were all 1895 and 1896 and no they were cache3d before and for what??Dont know!!but theyt were Perfect and heavy and SILVER and each coin thus far is appraised at $330,00 each!!OH S%$#!!! these will be auctioned at a hefty FEE! i also want you hunters to remember to plug your holes and research!! This was pure accident and i thought for sure we found old iorn or pipes!!! pennies and dimes i understand...BUT SILVER DOLLARS???WHAT???be safe and make sure you visualize your hunts!!!dont tresspass and if possible...DONT tell the STATE EITHER!!CHOW>..Don

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Dec 12, 2015

lucky break
by: Anonymous

i to have had the golden opportunity of finding a large stash found on an old baseball area. the park was here since 1900 and the coins were found near 1st base. how and why???? cant say....but coins are hidden every possible where in many bygone era-s for many reasons... we found over 1000 mercury dimes and 2000 buffalo nickels in wood and steal box....we never told the city or anybody .!!

Jun 13, 2013

Crazy Find !!
by: Herbie

Research is key, but I've found treasure really is everywhere.
Congrats on the sack :)

Mar 21, 2011

WOW, Exciting Story!
by: Frank

Don, what a great story. It's one thing to research for a buried cache, but to find one by accident the way you did, wow!

Thanks for posting,

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