by roger fultz
(colorado) son peter bought a dfx detector at a pawn shop for$75.00 and began the task of hunting our yard.well thats fine peter ...but what to find? he made me think twice as i viewed him through the back window-at least 4-feet of a hole and still digging-wait pete thats the lawn son!!!oh, look a old box and some jars!!!well bless my hide !!pete found a money stash of 5 mason jars in my mothers lawn-the house was made in 1926 and they must have hid thier money for fear of taxes and depression..anyway dad..i think were rich!!all the coins and currency were of the 1900'2 and 1920's era and the amount was staggering $857.25 in old day i get a call from my neighbor..roger .."your son is digging mrs.fogglbauns yard up and the site is awful!!you best stop him soon! so, to mrs.fogglbauns house i go. dad..this is a tresure for sure. mrs. fogglbauns permission was all he had and he finally found the prize-a 1930's door to an old chevy.Complete door (NO GLASS) and very unusual! a week later-*Bingo-he is digging the San leros familys lawn and him and juan are going for broke-A whole mess of iorn artifacts and saw blades and iorn whatevers to be exumed!! i finally realized that peter was hooked on the Hunt!!Today he is digging in the lawn of mr. and mirs. kyzolig's house ..they are from russia and peter reports that he found some coins and some old jewelry for the guests!!i think i will take peter to the old mansion ruins and turn him loose for sure-thank you,roger



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Mar 28, 2011

A Chevy Door?
by: Frank

Roger, your story is one that should make most of us laugh with interest. Of course, as you now know, we never know what we're going to find with our detectors, but a Chevy door? I mean it was exciting that Peter found the mason jars of coins, but a Chevy door? Is he looking for the rest of the car?

Thanks again,

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