"Red deer park"

by james antioch
(colorado springs,colo.)

after hunting with my radio shack detector for 6 years i decided to upgrade to a nice beach type detector. $599.99 on sale-free shipping-4days later -the fed ex man was here and i signed for the delivery.i took it to red deer park here in colorado and boy did i miss coins all these years!!!i have been to this park at least 100 times and i was finding coins all over the park-silver dollars,nickels,mercury dimes,rings,and tons of botlle caps..but what shocked me was the depth!!!1-foot deep-2 ft deep and on-i was finding anything detectable and the park turned over 1,673 coins for me in two months!!now thats value-i suggest you tresure buffs best buy a whites surf detector soon..the beach is where im going this summer and believe m...this gadget fetches its find!!i actually found a gold pocket watch at 2 3/4 feet beneath the park grounds by the benches and it apperaed to be at least 100 yrs dont delay and remember-Plugg-them -gopher-hioles!!!Bye for now-James Antioch-colorado springs-colo.

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Jun 15, 2011

by: Frank

James, that is a bunch of coins. Nice job! Yes it does pay to buy a quality detector. However, Whites is not the only manufacturer of quality detectors. Tesoro, Garrett, and Minelab all make great detectors as well.

Thanks again,

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