railroad track luck!!

by winston underhill
(twincitys , utah)

 jax  galore!!

jax galore!!

it is odd how us detectorist think at times in the effort to locate and recover even the smallest of treasure and trash!! but, as time goes on do the techniques and i approached the old abandonded railroad ticket office to begein my search in the grassy area...i got some pings close to the walk of stone used for the stepps into this 1890's era train ticket office . as i plugged , the signals were strong and on stone, only two inches of dirt to recover. old pennies, indian head nickle, barber dime, 1930's quarter and some tokens from yesteryear. not trying to tresspass to much..i opened the back door of the office to see the inside- it was stacked to the roof with old ciggerette machines -at least 50 or so. from every era starting in the 1920's , 30's, 40's 50's 60's and the familiare 1970's pull type with camel and marlboro insignas. well sir, i did find sa old money bag -opelousas,louisiana. bank and trust -old bag -empty but i kept the item, so, i dashed outside and hit the area behind the office. more signals than a pecan hunt!! they were after i discovcered them under 6 inches all the JAX -play JAX like the marbles and Jax kid games -hundreds of them every where in the ground!! it made me go crazy just digging them up!! so, i left the area and went to the public park!! NO MORE CRASZY JAX SIGNALS!! i dug at least 20 of them every 4 ft., so later days to that nightmare! ill hunt it later. but the coins are always avaliable -even with a minor cost effective detector, so , relating to off end finds...thats the reaslity of this trade , that finding whatever it finding whatever they be!! later -plugg them Holes and dont tresspass!!

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Dec 11, 2017

Quite a Story!
by: Frank

Winston, thanks...but how in the world did you come across an old RR station still filled with items?

And it seems one that has never been detected?

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