"priestly involvement".

by mike d. Edwards

This idea that pirate tresure is possible... stuck real deep for years in my craw!!Especially since i live and work in southern louisiana.(COON-ASS/CAJUN-Country)My resarch lead me to the Public library to examine maps,Fables and locations of Pre-existing locales and generalized areas to seek out and Metal detect.Well sir, lo and behold i come across a manuscript of a Jean laffite treasure reported in 1934 by a fellow who happened on a Indian burial ground in Kaplan,louisiana. seems the demonic beings that he Encountered while hunting actually appeared to him and asked..."are you hunting the treasure that is here?they made him follow them to a island in the middle of a intercoastal canal that was a reported indian burial ground and treasure hide away for jean laffite. he left that day and then as sure as weeks had passed ,the dead beings would wake him and ask...."arent you going to dig up the treasure we Showed you???this gentleman passed the info to his son(last name reese)so here i am in 2007 and after finding the location i was out-smarted by a Godda-m priest!!!this goofy ass clergyman somehow found out about the treasue also and beat me out of jewels,stones and gold!! and to add insult to injury...this idiot donated the treasure to the state of louisiana!!!i happened to work with a decendant of the reeses (Jeff reese) at Don shetler Chevrolet in crowley,louisiana. he stated that his great uncle owned the property and that he had heard the story before as a teenager.

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Sep 12, 2010

"WHERE is this location???
by: Anonymous

i heard of a Similar story in louisiana and these things are truthful for the most part.i realize the Swamps of louisiana are Gnarlly and dense and finding anything worth value takes time and patience,especially in the snake infested bayous of the must remember that although locations may be already hunted...that dosent mean they are Hunted -out!!!ao i would suggest you back-log and fence the area agin!!pirate treasure is elusive..but a good detector should sound on anything meatallic and especially gold and Old firearms,cannons,nails,chest straps...etc..give us another story soon.thank you-Mr.Bob Epperson 9/10

Mar 23, 2010

Strange Story
by: Frank Pandozzi

Mike,strange story indeed thanks.

I did delete your picture. It may of insulted some, and I edited your story per my choice. I just removed some words.


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