porch swing find

by ben lejune

the house 1889 crowley,louisiana. first of the big southern mansions. the city of crowley est.1889 so the house was first of 200 such annebellum homes. the detector was a whites beach comber...excellent range..and the find under the porch?? jewels, bobby pins with diamonds rings and old coins from 1865-1900. despite the head cracking boards and the spiders...not bad!!then the lawn- jars of silver dollars. 5 jars full of 1926-1940 coins!!! i guess the depression made the stash! but what floored me was the anvil and the carpenter tools all nice and untouched in a iorn box!!perfect condition wrapped in some clothes!! no decay and very little weathering!!horse shoes also some knives and sharpening stones... the whole town is huge old homes so i will ask all the owners to let me search and share thier hidden treasure. recently an old janitor searched the baseball field and found a sack of over 3000 silver dollars to keep for himself!!i was furious after not beating him to the punch!! he retired because each coin was worth at least $100.00 to $300.00 per coin!!so go detect before the bait find walks away!! thanks ben lejune-rayne,louisiana.

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Aug 04, 2012

Ben, I Know This Happens!
by: Frank

Thanks Ben, I've been MD'ing long enough to know that stories like yours do happen. And for those out there who dream about finding a buried treasure of some kind, your story is just another illustration that it can happen.

Thanks again,

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