Pave the road with gold

by Lawrence tommer
(Hall Montana)

1998 I built a road from Murray Idaho to Thompson Falls we used to tailing piles to crush the rock for the rock to put on the road inch and a quarter Rock for base 5/8 for top and chips for chip seal when we got all done when I was sitting in the Sprague poll Tavern about halfway through the job two and a half years of a five-year job one of the old-timers 90 years old told me that there was nothing but gold in the tailing piles and I told him we had an engineer say there was no gold in the tailing piles and he laughed he says once or twice a year someone comes down with a metal detector and finds a rock with a vein of gold through it but most of them don't ever get reported so he went up with me that day with three bags for a say bags we put a shovel full of inch and a quarter in a bag of 5/8 in a bag and of chips in a bag chips have no fines in it it is just big chunks of Rock but small and you spray oil down on the road and dump them on top of the oil and it lasts for years about a month later he came to me and told me that he got the assay report back he showed me the report.

an inch and a quarter there was $3.10 of gold in every yard we had a hundred thousand tons a rock sitting there.

he told me there was $3.85 in every yard of the five eggs and we had another hundred thousand tons sitting there in a pile

I asked him about the 5/8 cuz it did not have any fines in it and he said there was a 1.30 a yard of gold in it and we only had 50 thousand tons of that.

I called my brother up and told him there was gold and all the rock we were dumping on the road and then if we set up a gold circuit we could pull around $5000000 of gold out of all the rock he said we were not at that stage of the game not going to upset the cart and that we would just have to haul all the gold out and dumped it on the road so from in front
of the Sprague poll Tavern we started dumping the Rock and we put all that gold all the way to the top of the Thompson Falls pass to this day I have gone up the road and dug a hole beside the road and panned it and found gold.

I cleaned up around where we crushed the gold after the job was done picked it up and hold it down to a mill about four miles down the road and dump it on a visqueen it was one bucket full of a loader bucket and we hold it up to the second floor and dumped it on the table that sorted out gold and black sand I got $3,000 my girlfriend at the time got $2,000 and I don't know how much the mill owner got out of that one bucket full of gold but it was full of gold in the black sand that had dripped off of the crusher I cannot believe this day there is so much gold in the tailing piles I was told by an old-timer that ran one of the dredges that was there in Murry ID, that he saw a solid gold rock going up the conveyor belt it was about a foot in diameter and bright yellow and the Sun was shining on it he noticed it right away he ran back there tried to shut off the conveyor belt it went over at the end of the conveyor belt and into the water four of the crew went into the water after it and they said they searched for it for two hours but never found it again he told me that the only size gold they were looking for in the crate was 3/4 in down most of the time it was 5/8 gold coming through the sluice box none of the larger gold there was no trap to catch the big large rocks they roll down and went on a conveyor belt and out over the back that was just one time he said he saw a rock's going over the conveyor belt so he knows there's gold in all those tailing piles in Murray Idaho and everywhere else that the dredges have been I have not been back there since I did the job I want to take my metal detector and go back and walk over the tailing piles Lawrence tommer tommer Construction Company Ephrata Washington

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May 27, 2019

Amazing Story
by: Frank

WOW! this is some story. Thanks for sharing!

I'm not shocked at the gold being found. I've heard from others that they have found gold in different areas of Idaho.

Definitely grab your detector and have at it on those tailings.


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