old, old mortar on the ground

by jody
(between dutch mills and lincoln in the country)

i live near dutch mills arkansas in the country, occasionally i search for arrow heads or artifacts and there is a creek which feeds off a bigger creek, i usually head up it on my little searches and we had a drought last summer which began to dry up everything but i noticed this one spot which held water and i was searching around it for a small spring that maybe kept it moist but could not find anything like that and all was powder dry around it i would stick it and see how deep it was and only a couple of inches of water sits there but it never drys up,well finally after 3 months with no rain i walked up that creek and wow, as i was approaching it looked like i was seeing a giant turtle back from a distance but as i got closer it was old ancient mortar mixture , a big circle, maybe 3 ft by 3 ft. and i sat there and just stared because there is no homestead around or never has been in that area, well my plan this summer is to bust through it and see what i have there, i'm thinking treasure, i will have to find help as i am female and this might require some digging and busting this strange patch of mortar up, well anyways it has rained since the drought and there is water again all over which keeps this disquised, i could clear the puddle with a bucket, but anyways it was only exposed for a couple of took that severe drought to expose this secret spot to me and now it is under water again, do you think it is worth investigating and was it somehow designed to hold water under any condition except a severe drought. Well thanks for listening.

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Feb 03, 2012
by: Frank

Jody, It is really hard to try and figure out what is there without pic's. If you get a chance, take some pics and either post them here, or send to me at

In my travels across the US I have seen many strange buildings, dwellings, stone walls, carvings, etc.

Thanks again

Feb 03, 2012
comment for frank
by: Anonymous

thanks frank, there is no farmstead or structures around, there is nothing but woods and this creek the patch is in the creek bed and looks like a water puddle that never goes away, if it wern't for a 3 month drought and 100 and some it would have never cleared; and this just doesn't happen in arkansas as i talked to people in there 80's and 90's who never seen high temps and no rain and such drought conditions before, so i would have to say it was amazing i found it, i keep thinking about it and need to find someone who wants to explore as badly as me, there maybe something directly below or it may be a lot of digging, the only other thing i saw close by up on the bank was a pillar part, like a small aztecian pillar off a builing something like mayan or aztec like, i tried to move it and it weighed a ton and it was only a two ft. and a few inches section,so i covered it with branches and left it, it was kinda red colored. And that is all i ever found in the location.thanks for any help you can give.

Feb 02, 2012
Hi Jody,
by: Frank

Jody, thanks for your post. Without seeing a picture it's hard to tell what that mortar, circle is. The invention of mortar only goes back a few hundred years. It sounds to me like it may have been some sort of cistern that held water for farm animals. Are there any other structures, or parts of structures in the area?

Thanks again,

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