old house riches

by jake trahan

old texas!!

old texas!!

...well what if danny??gosh the darn house is so old and delapitated thatthe flys and skeeters pass it up!!! but i will check the floors and window frames for somthing shinny!!! so as i and danny poked around for 45 minutes with our whites super series beach comber detectors ..HEY JAKE!! what danny? check this reading in the front fire place floor area!!!WOW!!PINGGGG! what on earth...lets peel some old floor planks and see!!!sure enough the old crow bar was used and for good reason!!! a range of coins in an jar-silverware and some stores of bullets from the 1800's these finds are common in the Uninted states during the 1800-1930s and can be had often!!! the only thing we required was a writ of permission from old man hardgrave of stephenville,Texas! we actually gave him half of the coins-Silver dollars -perfect condition and resumed agin the next wed. to find more buried artifacts in the ground and coins and old lanterns and horseshoes!!! so go pluggin and get hoofing folks!! and remember to plug them darn goffer craters!!

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Jan 15, 2013

Jake, GREAT Story!
by: Frank

Jake, wow, wonderful story. I am very aware of those kinds of treasures. And the old houses exist everywhere. Anyone with the determination to find such caches has the opportunity to do so.

Thanks again,

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