old ciggerette machine-

by mike edwards

....after rabbit hunting down the rail-road tracks-my son lance 10 and hunterbone my german shepard bayou ahnillator-stopped in to check the first-abandoned fright-ticket-rail station 1888 the plackerd said.. crowley.louisiana.70526 the station was full to the rafters with 1920.s-30.s-40.s 50.s 60.s 70.s and 80.s ciggerette machines---all in superior condition--i examined the details of each machine-quality numero a-1.....wwe found an old money bag. the next week we came back--all machines were scrapped for face value at the acadiana salvage!!! i learned this by the owner of the staion----wish i knew earlier---now its a computer graphics office-bought by a citizen of the crowley switch is what the railroad is called by a caboose operator named patrick crowley. population 14365 THE RICE CAPITAL OF AMERICA- THE INTERNATIONAL RICE FESTIVAL IS HELD HERE EVERY OCT.15-16-17 LOOK UP CROWLEY.LA. ON THE WIKKPEDIA -WEB SITE. I ALSO METAL DETECT !!! MIKE EDWARDS-54-U.S. VETERAN-.........----------------p.s. -treasure laws here must have at least an i.d. and -louisiana is 50th in good tax laws!!! in other words-taxed citizenry here is unlawfull and ridiculous and louisiana has the 3rd largest natural gas deposits in the world-3 saudi arabias worth of gas and the govt. taxes the sh?$ out of her and the state cant cover thier 287 million in debts???huey long come back home son!!!

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Apr 12, 2016

Thanks Mike, Nice Story!
by: Frank

Mike, that was an interesting story. Anything old found, whether metal detecting or not peeks my interest.

Too bad about those taxes. I think lots of us feel that pain. Makes no sense at all!


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