nuclear winter

by lance binyannca jr

nuclear winter

nuclear winter

my grandfather was an oklahoma cherrokee indian during the 30's he was a carpenter and broke horses for money. now in the 21st century i had the opportunity to vist his old farm and scout the property with a nice 2300 delta lab detector-series-II-and was eager to sniff out the lawn and the 6 acre of property...then after hours of coins and old barbed wire and trash....BINGO-i uncovered and old bomb shelter scarcely hidden under sand and trees.once we found the entrance we desceneded with flash lights and found hordes of intresting things!!!ammo 5 cases-30-06,12 guage 2cases the weapons-knifes and old mason jars full of jams-batteries and after seeing the gas masks and survival gear my friend found the long chest at the back under the clothes and gloves...when opened we nearly fainted-over 8 thousand in cash-the billls from the 1950s and coins more than we could count and a letter to his family-"if you find this and i am Nowhere to be found after a nuclear war..God bless you and remember --we will meet on the other side of the valley"..virgil trotter..(1963)so after all these years the old man has never told anyone of the stash of ammo-food and cash he hid expecting an nuclear attack or tornadoes..i vaguely remember when i was 7 yrs old and being brought to this shelter before a horrible storm was to hit...but now the truth about the expectation of nuclear war and all...i also found a Bible and news paper dated nov.23rd 1963-johnny kennedy slain on dallas street'...i guess the old indian thought russia was going to cream us with atomic caos..later -Lance binyancca jr. Tulsa,oklahoma

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Jun 14, 2011

A Story That Brought Back memories
by: Frank

Lance, thanks for your story. It brought back memories of the 1950's when growing up. During that time our parents, and many others were concerned about a nuclear war with Russia. The government was telling families to build bomb shelters and to stock up on food.

And the fact that you found that cache hidden away, makes me wonder that there may be many more of these hidden shelters holding treasures from the past.

Thanks again,

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