Nine Metal Detecting Sites You May Have Missed

By Frank W. Pandozzi

It is always a topic between people who metal detect.

“Where can I go to find more old coins and jewelry?”

That question is asked on the detecting forums, during club meetings, and even while people are metal detecting.

I was metal detecting with one fellow in a local park that always turned up finds for me, when he asked.

“Where can we go to find more coins?”

Personally, I have so many new places to metal detect that I have not had the time to get to all of them.

My research of new metal detecting sites is an ongoing pursuit. I have a large database of places to detect, and I am always adding more.

I’ve said this many times, and I’ll repeat myself again, the key to locating good metal detecting sites is research.

You have to spend the time doing the research. The problem with that is most people are lazy.

Let’s face it.

Would we rather be detecting, or researching?

I am no different from anyone else. I have put off researching many times. However, fortunately, I can afford to. That’s because I have a bank full of (not money) metal detecting sites waiting for me.

So how do I find all of these places to detect?

I read old and new history books, and I ask questions.

I talk to the older people who live in the areas I want to research.

I ask them questions like these:

Where were the swimming holes when you were younger? Where did you play? Do you know of any old ball fields or parks? Where did you and your family picnic? Did you hunt? If so, do you remember seeing any cellar holes while doing so?

Asking the above questions has helped me to find many metal detecting sites that others have missed.

Try it, and don’t be shy. Many of the old timers love to talk about their past.

Here is a list of nine metal detecting sites that you may have missed.

Old Schools

If you haven’t tried metal detecting around the old one-room schools from the 1800’s and early 1900’s, then you are missing lots of fun.

Many of these old schools are no longer standing, so you need to search for the clues of where the old schools once stood.

Look for old, broken, pieces of pottery lying on the ground, or old bottles, and of course, the old ink wells that were often used. Most of these items were just tossed away and are still lying on the ground

The old schools are difficult to find but that doesn’t mean you can’t locate them.

Try using an old topographical map to locate the old schools.

Old Churches

The old churches were often used as a meeting place for picnics and social gatherings, as well as for church services.

Like the old schools, many of the old churches are gone. However, if you put the effort into researching where they once stood, you’ll be rewarded with many great finds. Also, use an old topo to locate the old churches.

Old Swimming Holes

If you locate an old picnic grove, then you may also have an old swimming hole nearby.

Similarly, if you locate an old swimming hole, that means an old picnic grove could be close by. The two go hand in hand.

Years ago families, friends and church groups, got together to picnic and swim, and many of the old picnic groves had a stream or creek nearby that was used for swimming.

Revival Meetings

Many towns held revival meetings. If you can locate where those areas are, you will have a great time finding old coins and jewelry.

I have a friend who found over 2000 silver crosses in an old Revival Meeting area.

Boy Scout Camps

I have found hundreds of old coins, old boy scout knives, buttons, and more at various Boy Scout camps.

At one camp, in particular, I found over 100 Mercury dimes.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to locate the Boy Scout camps that were in existence a hundred years ago.

Old Horse Racetracks

I know an individual who concentrates on locating the old horse racetracks from 150 years ago.

He puts a lot of time and effort into searching for these tracks, but it pays off because he literally cleans up in finds.

Fire Towers

Do you live in an area near fire towers?

When we were kid’s we used to climb the fire towers and when we got up to the top, we would throw coins down onto the ground below. I wish I had all those silver coins now.

Just think of how many others threw coins from those towers.

Old Fort Sites

If you do the research on old forts from the French & Indian and Revolutionary war’s you can have a grand time metal detecting around those areas.

I have detected around some old forts that are now on farmlands and have found old British Copper coins, uniform buttons, knives, buckles, musket balls, and more.

Battle Grounds

Don’t forget the old battlegrounds from those wars mentioned above.

Again, you need to do some research to locate where the battles were fought, but that research can pay off with great finds time and time again.

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