My first old coin and the one that hooked me on the Hobby :)

by Steve Finley
(Chillicothe Ohio)

1844 Braided Hair Large Cent

1844 Braided Hair Large Cent

I have always been fascinated about history and the hobby of metal detecting. I am a veteran and had been looking for sometime to help me deal with ptsd and read an article from another veteran who said metal detecting did wonders for him so I figured it couldn't hurt. I bought me a garret at pro for my birthday in late feb 2013 and soon after I started hitting the parks and anywhere I could hunt. I live in Chillicothe Ohio and we have a park that dates back to mid top early 1800s . I mentioned to an old timer about metal detecting and how I was going to the park to do some hunting with my 8 year old step-daughter. He said he doubted I find anything because that place has been detected to death. I told him I didn't care much if I found anything old but I had hopes I would. Well seeming like the odds were against me at this park my step-daughter and I headed out to try our luck. I started out in the more common areas of the park and found some newer coins and that really got me excited. I realized also that metal detecting let me be myself again and was helping me deal with ptsd. Anyways I hinted for about 2 hours and decided I had enough for the day and it was getting a little crowed also because it was our first nice day in Chillicothe this year. We loaded my detector in the car and was just about to leave when my step-daughter said "you should try over here" at first I was like I don't think so but being she was enjoying hunting as much as I was we parked the car and got back out hunting again. I was about 20 minutes into hunting and I got my first solid sound and told her omg I think this is something different hailey and she4 got excited as well as I did also. Anyways I dug my plug and about 6 inches down I could see what I thought was a token or something. I reached down and pulled it out and lone behold it was my first old coin a 1844 large cent. I was so excited and Haileys was like what is it what is it. I showed her and she was like oh...Lol then I told her the date and she got happy also. I was so happy that I wanted to show everybody who was there and I did..Lol anyways I decided that I wanted to go home and show my wife and we left. I soaked the coin in hat soapy water and used the a soft toothbrush and this is the coin I found. I have to say metal detecting has giving me a new meaning in my life and I actually have fun even if I don't find anything at all. It has done wonders with my PTSD also and for that im very thankful for :)

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Apr 19, 2014

by: steve finley

Thanks Sgt. Glad to see this is working for you too. Its amazing what you will find and when you do find something really old like I did then you will be hooked for sure. I am just thankful to have a hobby that helps me out from the day to day chaos my mind puts me through. now that I metal detect its not so chaotic.. Good luck also and thanks everybody for your comments here

Apr 18, 2014

by: Sgt e-4

I am doing the same calms me keeps me relaxed and focused.. Welcome home brother.

Jun 14, 2013

Very nice
by: Robbie

That LC is in great shape,WTG.Detecting has helped me with depression on losing loved ones.We all are sad to lose but it`s fun to find.

Jun 12, 2013

Good Show !
by: steelheadwill

Congrats on the awesome coppa.
really nice surfaces for a dug LC :)
I have a similar history and got hooked quickly myself.
Thanks for your service to our country and HH !

Jun 10, 2013

sweet find
by: Anonymous

Congrats, nice find!

Jun 10, 2013

Steve, Thanks, and Thanks For Your Service
by: Frank

Steve, I know the feeling you had when you found that large cent. It's the same feeling many of us have had. The same feeling that got us hooked on the hobby. Great story! Thanks. And thank you for your service. I wish you well.


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