muck money

by ray dillingbourogh

bayou woffies

bayou woffies

the trees and the rain and the mud and the mire of the swamp was enough...but the snakes and briars are something to contend with all differant from the norm of grassy fields and public parks!!! so what the hell is this signal doing out here in the swamp?? lets see....1 hour and 45 minS later -the find!!! coins-7 to be exact from the 1850's and in grand condition!!! although i filed to say what a bitch it is to dig around a old cypress tree and haul frog and mud guts and clay thicker than tar and concrete for almost two long rainy hours!! these will be in my collection for decades..probably the pioneers -who knows!! at anyrate....i checked for days to find this spot and did not think to check this desolate area..however you know how feet go wondering with a whites detector!!mile s and miles without a whimper--just detecting and listening to the chirps/ bleeps and pings!!! well done id say for a 4 day invetigation on my own ..but remember to ask if laws apply!!and research your areas often!! ray dillingbourogh

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Jan 23, 2013

Ray, Thanks, But Send Some Pics
by: Frank

Ray, thanks for your story. It goes to show that treasure is everywhere. As you stated, one just needs to do the research.

Would have loved to see some pics of those finds.

Thanks Again,

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