money pit

by Robbie

I just started metal detecting last week around my home.This area was first est. in 1731 where there`s a Historical marker that states that a church once stood near by.I`ve had a lot of time off lately because work has been so slow.I bought a Gold Digger Bounty Hunter that I paid $54 including shipping.It`s been great.I do get foiled alot.I`ve walked the foot trails in the woods and have found alot of coins.Four old ones a 1937 Mexican penny,two 1941 wheaty`s and a 1945 wheaty.Yesterday I decided to search a nearby home that have been empty for nearly 3yrs and there are no signs around.(that`s ok right).I hope so,I don`t want trouble.In the front yard next to the door I was receiving two many signals at once,I thought it to be a bunch of trash.The area is over grown with alot of pine needles.I started digging and found the dirt very soft, than penny`s started coming out.I`m not kidding in an area of 3ft in dia I found 327pennies,7quarters,8dimes, 10nichols,and a silver spoon.The oldest was 1941penny.I`ve noticed that alot of the newer pennys rust away.I`ll never forget that find.I almost got tried of finding money.So make sure you search in children`s old sandboxes,you might just find a money pit.

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Mar 24, 2011

WOW, nice finds!
by: Frank

Robbie, thanks for posting your story. It goes to show ya, that you never know what your gonna find when your out detecting. Now about that house.

Even though there are no posted signs on the property, you are still trespassing. The best thing to do when you see a piece of property like this, is to go to the nearest neighbors house, and ask who owns the property. Get the names of the owner, and a phone number if you can, and give them a call. Just ask them if it's okay to metal detect around the property. If you can't get a phone number, or a name, get the address of the property, and go to the county clerks office and do a search of the deeds for the property. The names of all the past, and present owners of that property will be listed.

Hope this helps!
Thanks again,

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