Missouri Lost Treasure

Missouri lost treasure sites are listed on this page. However, I cannot promise that this information is completely accurate. As treasure tales go, because they have been passed down through many years, certain elements of the lost treasure story may have been altered, either intentionally or otherwise.

This information should be researched through other means as well. Never rely on one piece of information about a treasure story you are researching. Use multiple research tools.

Good luck! And have fun in your search for Missouri treasure.

Missouri Lost Treasure Sites


Located approximately 1 mile northwest of the Missouri River on County rte 94. However, the town was originally located on the banks of the Missouri River. There have been small caches of gold coins found near the old towns ruins.

St. Charles

Located on the Missouri River, approximately twenty miles northwest of St. Louis. This old town was a popular fur trading site during the early 1800's. Over the years, many interesting relics and coins have been located here.


Located near Kansas City. In 1864, Union soldiers came near Westport. Fearing for their lives and homes, the residents entrusted their valuables to Father Bernard J. Donnelly of Immaculate Conception Church. Father Donnelly buried the possessions somewhere in or around the church grounds or cemetary. Soon after, he died of a heart attack. The treasure, worth approximately $75,000, was nevr found.

Big Lake

Located approximately ten miles west of Mound City, on U.S. 29. Gold coins have been discovered on the east shore of the Missouri River, near Big Lake. The coins may be from the steamboat W.R. Caruthers, which sank nearby. It was carrying $30,000 in gold coins.

The Steamboat Sultana

The Sultana sank approximately two miles south of Big Lake. The Sultana was carrying $65,000 in gold coins.

Doc Lynn Talbot Treasure

Doctor Lynn Talbot, a successful physician during the Civil War, buried a keg full of gold coins somewhere on his property. A robber murdered the Doc because he did not reveal where the cache was buried. His home was known as the " House of the Seven Gables". It is located a few miles north of Barnard, on State rte 71.

The Kaffer Treasure

Supposedly a large treasure consisting of gold coins was buried near Armstrong, on County rte 3.

Understand The Laws Regarding Digging On State Lands

The Antiquities Act of 1906 and the ARPA  (Archaeology Resources Protection Act)laws explain why you cannot remove artifacts from State or Federal lands that are more than 100 years old.

Digging for a treasure that is more than 100 years old comes under the protection of these two laws. But remember, the laws only pertain to State and Federal lands. Know the law before you dig.

Missouri lost treasures may be located in ghost towns.

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