Mississippi Ghost Towns

Mississippi ghost towns exist as empty holes in the ground. Nothing remains of the home our town except a stone cellar. Sometimes you can see old, broken bottles, or bits of pottery shards, the only reminders that once upon a time, there was a family, or a town that had lived there.

If you love American history, you and your family can search out these old home sites. It’s an exciting adventure that will give you the opportunity to understand how difficult it was for those first pioneers to live under harsh conditions.

Do you enjoy metal detecting? If so, then searching for these lost old towns will give you the opportunity to find some exciting relics from the past. This page explains where some of the ghost towns exist.

How to locate these eastern ghost towns is completely explained throughout my website. You can begin your search for Mississippi ghost towns by visiting my homepage here.

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Mississippi Ghost Towns

Here is a list of some of those gone but not forgotten towns. Have fun, and good luck in your search for Mississippi ghost towns.

Alcorn County

Burrow is located approximately 7 ½ miles west of Kossuth.

Strickland is located approximately 3 miles southwest of Glen.

Benton County

Maxwell is located approximately 4 ½ miles north of Ashland.

Tippah is located approximately 7 miles south of Ashland.

Coahoma County

Bobo is located approximately 7 miles southwest of Clarksdale.

Sunflower Landing is located approximately 3 miles northwest of Rena Lara.

De Soto County

Alphaba is located approximately 6 ½ miles southeast of Hernando.

Sullivan is located approximately 4 miles southwest of Mineral Wells.

Itawamba County

Cliff is located approximately 9 ½ miles north of Fulton.

Lafayette County

Blackwater is located approximately 6 miles northwest of Abbeville.

Caswell is located approximately 11 ½ miles southeast of Abbeville.

Marshall County

Mahon is located approximately 6 miles northwest of Holly Springs.

Warsaw is located approximately 3 miles south of Byhalia.

Panola County

Horatio is located approximately 5 ½ miles west of Sardis.

Sandy is located approximately 9 miles southeast of Sardi.

Prentiss County

Dryrun is located approximately 7 miles northwest of Booneville.

Thrasher is located approximately 5 ½ miles north of Booneville.

Tate County

Bowman is located approximately 3 ½ miles west of Independence.

Eckles is located approximately 4 miles east of Coldwater.

Tippah County

Chism is located approximately 1 mile south of Anvil.

Graves is located approximately 8 miles west of Ripley

Tunica County

Clayton is located approximately 4 ½ miles north of Dundee.

Hally is located approximately 11 miles west of Crenshaw.

Union County

Gallway is located approximately 2 miles northeast of Etta.

Rockwell is located approximately 10 miles northwest of Guntown.

And remember, these are just a few of the hundreds of other ghost towns in this State.

You can discover many more in your drives, or hikes by paying attention to the signs of a nearby old town. Those signs, and how to look for them I have wrote about in detail in my report, "Gone But Not Forgotten, Ghost Towns of the Eastern States."

In this ebook, learn how to locate the eastern ghost towns by recognizing certain signs. And if you enjoy metal detecting, read about a real ghost town mini cache my partner John located. Search for more Mississippi ghost towns by using this report.

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