by mike costa
(philadelphia, pa usa)

archaeologists and museums are no saints.

the museum of the Rockies had 3 truck loads of donated Indian artifacts dumped into a landfill for lack of room.

The Penn museum did a similar act. when an volunteer aide
notice a pile of artifacts about to be trashed she asked if she may have some to which they replied "sure we're just throwing this stuff out". (she took some ivory figurines and an plains Indian vest}

while artifact hunting in Delaware we came across what appeared to be a major late archaic Indian site.
so we notified a Major state museum, who in time showed up with a backhoe and a shaker bed, dug it all up,, screened it, took the pieces they wanted and left.
so much for archaeology.

my advice from 40+ years of doing metal detecting is:
keep it to yourself.

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Apr 11, 2016

Keeping it
by: Jim Stout

You are right, don't tell, just keep it.

Apr 10, 2016

So True Mike!
by: Frank

YUP, I have the same kind of stories, and I have heard stories like yours from across America.

Archaeologists? We're on to you!


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