Michigan Ghost Towns

Michigan ghost towns exist as empty holes in the ground. Nothing remains of the home our town except a stone cellar. Sometimes you can see old, broken bottles, or bits of pottery shards, the only reminders that once upon a time, there was a family, or a town that had lived there.

If you love American history, you and your family can search out these old home sites. It’s an exciting adventure that will give you the opportunity to understand how difficult it was for those first pioneers to live under harsh conditions.

Do you enjoy metal detecting? If so, then searching for these lost Michigan ghost towns will give you the opportunity to find some exciting relics from the past. This page explains where some of the ghost towns exist.

Michigan Ghost Towns List

Here is a list of some of those gone but not forgotten towns. Remember, they are most likely just cellar holes. But there may be a few abandoned buildings to explore.  Have fun, and good luck in your search for the old towns.

Alger County

Hallston, is located approximately 1 ½ miles southwest of Munising.

Antrim County

Atwood, is approximately 5 miles west of Ellsworth.

Comfort, is approximately 4 miles south of Bellaire.

Baraga County

Pequaming, is located approximately 7 ½ miles north of L’Anse.

Chippewa County

Strongville, is located approximately 6 miles south of Kinross.

Dickinson County

Henderson, is located approximately 2 miles east of Turner.

Iosco County

Bryant, is located approximately 3 miles south of Kurtz.

Huron County

Glencoe, is located approximately 8 miles west of Port Hope.

Lake County

Bristol, is located approximately 5 miles west of Tustin.

Oceana County

Wager, is located approximately 7 miles west of Hesperia.

Osceola County

Wings, is located approximately 6 miles southwest of Evart.

Saginaw County

Dice, is located approximately 2 miles north of Frost.

Wexford County

South Branch, is located approximately 3 miles northwest of Hoxeyville.

And remember, these are just a few of the hundreds of other ghost towns in this State.

Here Is A Ghost Towns of America Site

You can discover many more in your drives, or hikes by paying attention to the signs of a nearby old town. Those signs, and how to look for them

I have wrote about in detail in my report, "Gone But Not Forgotten, Ghost Towns of the Eastern States."

In this ebook, learn how to locate the Michigan ghost towns by recognizing certain signs. And if you enjoy metal detecting, read about a real ghost town mini cache my partner John located.

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Using a metal detector around Michigan ghost towns can be an exciting adventure.

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If you spend between $350-$450 on a new model, that is good enough. Just read the owners manual, and practice with your detector, and you will do fine. Move up to the high end models after you have become proficient in the hobby.

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Michigan ghost towns are a great place to metal detect.

Additional Ghost Town Sites

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