Metal Detectors For Kids
By Frank W. Pandozzi

Metal detectors for kids have come a long way since the time when I began the hobby.

Back in the late 1960’s metal detectors were mostly heavy, cumbersome beasts with more knobs and controls than a Boeing Jet. For kids, many detectors were just to bulky and difficult to use. There were inexpensive Radio Shack detectors that children used, however, those models were not worth purchasing. They were more like toys.

Many adults quit the hobby early because they had difficulty operating those older detectors. So the difficulty for kids to use those older detectors was much more pronounced. However, since that time metal detector manufacturers have come a long way in the production of more user friendly detectors for kids.

Companies like Garrett Metal Detectors,  Tesoro, and Whites, designed inexpensive models that not only children could use, but also adults who wanted to enter the hobby inexpensively. Although my first detector, a hand-me- down given to me by an old friend, was a bulky, heavy, model, my first purchased metal detector was the Garrett Ace 150.

The Garrett 150 was also being sold as a unit that could be used by children.

Other models like Bounty Hunter Junior Tracker, or the Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker are also alternatives for children. However, over the years I have found that more people who began the hobby as children by using Garrett, Whites or Tesoro‘s, tend to stay in the hobby. The reason why, these manufacturers, in my opinion design metal detectors that are more technologically advanced, which means the greater opportunity to locate items. People, especially children, who do not locate goodies, become frustrated and leave the hobby. I have sold metal detectors from every manufacturer, and the top three are, Garrett, Tesoro, and Whites.

Metal detectors for kids cost between $70 and $175. You do not need to spend any more. Do not let a dealer talk you into a more expensive model. Your child needs to learn an inexpensive detector first, learn the hobby, and then after a few years if you decide to do so, then upgrade to a more expensive model.  An expensive detector does not necessarily mean that your child, or anyone for that matter will find more items, especially when in the hands of an inexperienced operator. 

Metal detecting is a great hobby. It can teach your child about history. It can start them on a journey of discovery, and an adventure that can lead to a lifetime of fulfillment.

Copywrite 2013 Frank W. Pandozzi

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