Metal Detecting Research Sources

Metal detecting research is not hard, and it can be lots of fun, especially if you end up locating an area where no one else had detected.

“Where can I go to find more old coins and jewelry?

That question is one of the most often asked questions I receive from visitors to my site. And honestly, if people would read through my website, they would not have to ask that question. All of the information a person needs to find more and better places to detect is there.

Personally, I have so many new places to metal detect that I’ll never have enough time to get to them. My research of new metal detecting sites is an ongoing pursuit. I have a large database of places to detect, and I am always adding more.

The key to locating metal detecting sites is research. You have to spend the time doing the research. The problem with that is, most people are lazy.

Ask yourself this question.

Would I rather be detecting, or researching?

Hey, I'm no different. I’ve put off metal detecting research many times. However, and fortunately, I can afford to do that. Its because I have a bank full of (not money) metal detecting sites waiting for me to get to.

So how do I find all of these places to detect?

I start with the obvious research areas, and you should to.

Here are some places that you should utilize for research. They are full of information.

Local library
Historical Societies
Town Historians
Local Used Bookstores

Once you decide what you want to research, you have to follow through with a bulldog tenacity.  Follow up on what you find, and turn over every new lead you encounter. You need to be like a detective trying to solve a case. Ask questions, and follow up on the information.

You should spend 80% of your time researching and the remainder, 20% out in the field actually searching for the treasure.

Metal Detecting Research
and History Books

I read both old and new history books. The old books that tell stories about local history in your area have a ton of useful information.

Check my article at the link below to read how my detect’en partner John and I located an old picnic grove by reading an old book about local history. The grove produced hundreds of finds over the years.

The Old Picnic Grove 

I find many older books in used bookstores. You can do the same.

However, the Internet is also a great place to search for old books on history, as well as for books on metal detecting.

Metal detecting research of eastern ghost towns is something I enjoy doing.

If you are searching for treasure on State or Federal lands, be careful that you do not break the law.

Need Help With Your Research?

My extensive research library, contacts, and years of experience have helped others.

I have 40 plus years of researching everything from secret societies, secret codes, and markings, Revolutionary War, and Civil War treasures, to bank robberies and gangster caches, and buried treasures.

My experience has helped treasure hunters searching for information on a particular treasure.

Property owners who have heard that there is a treasure buried on their property have contacted me.

Teachers and college professors have used my service to research historical information for their classes.

If you need research information for any of the above-mentioned areas, or for a project that is not listed above, use the following form to contact me.

I will review your information and respond to whether or not I will pursue your research. My fee for the research will also be included with my response.

Thank you,


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