Metal Detecting In Colorado?
You Should Know The Law

Metal detecting in Colorado means paying attention to the ARPA Law.(Archeological Resources Preservation Act)

If you plan on metal detecting in Colorado, understand what the laws are, especially on State or Federal lands. Do not dig relics without knowing what the consequences will be if you are caught.

For metal detecting in State Parks, below is the law you need to follow.
Seriously pay attention to these laws. People have been arrested for breaking them.

Metal detecting in town, village and city parks, you'll need to check with those local officials.

You can go to this page for the ARPA explanation, and read about some of the problems people face who break this law.

And visit here for the entire ARPA law.

Metal Detecting in Colorado?
You Should Know The Law

Reg.#100(b)(2) "It shall be prohibited to remove, destroy, mutilate, modify or deface any structure, water control device, poster, notice, sign or marker, tree, shrub, or other plant or vegetation, including dead timber and forest litter,
or any object of archaeological, geological, historical, zoological or natural / environmental value or interest on Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands.
(This regulation does not include removal of firewood from designated firewood areas, noxious weeds as defined by statute,
or recreational gold mining within the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, except where prohibited as indicated by posted signs."

Detecting in Colorado State parks is allowed only at the discretion of the park manager. You need to check with each park manager before detecting.
Metal detecting is not specifically addressed by Colorado State Park Regulations

Park managers can restrict use in certain areas.

Remember, you can metal detect in Colorado, however, you just can’t dig any artifact that is one hundred years old.

Detecting on State beaches is allowed if you get a permit. Be careful. You need to ask if your permit is just for the beach area. Some States do not allow detecting outside of the beaches even with a permit.

Keep Detecting - Don't Give In

All across America individuals who love the hobby are giving up because of the many unnecessary laws that are being forced upon us. If you are thinking of quitting, I would hope that you change your mind. Because by giving up, the Archaeologists, and the beauracrats, who are trying to kill the hobby, will gain the upper hand, and they will win.

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