Metal Detecting For Treasure

Metal detecting for treasure is an exciting adventure.

Many people have located treasures of different kinds. Some of these treasures were small, and some were very large, worth millions of dollars.

The people who have located these treasures were both the novice, as well as the professional treasure hunter. Most often, the novice stumbled on to a buried treasure by accident. They never set out to discover one but fortunately came upon the prize by surprise.

 However, the professional treasure hunter who locates buried treasures set out with a plan, and then followed that plan. He or she knew of a buried treasure story, or a lead about a treasure story, and then they began to research that story further.

So how does a person go about metal detecting for treasure? Where do you begin? What kind of equipment do you need? The answer to the first question is this. You begin where you live, right in your own State.

Every State has buried treasure. There are pirate treasures, outlaw treasures, Revolutionary War, and Civil War treasures. There are the treasures buried by family members, and treasures buried by successful businessman and merchants. A great way to find stories about buried treasures is to search the Internet. Visit the online historical society of the area where you live. Most often the county historical society has a building with historical records of everything regarding the State, or the area you want to search in. Try and find old newspaper articles that may have an article about a buried treasure, or an article about an old hermit, who was a miser, and died. Many times these individuals were so private, they never used banks. They often buried money on their property. All you need to do is to locate the property, and that can be done by visiting the county court house and searching through the property deeds.

Metal detecting for treasure correctly is doing the research first. Follow up on every buried treasure story you want to pursue. You need to have as much information as possible before you begin your search.

Visit used book stores. Some times they have old treasure hunting magazines. These old magazines always had stories about lost or buried treasures. You may also find a book written about buried treasures in your State. Do a search on Ebay as well. Often times there are treasure hunting magazines and books on buried treasure being sold there.

Of course you need a metal detector to search for buried treasure. If you do not have one, then purchase a used model from one of the major manufacturers, or an inexpensive, new model. For a new model, don’t spend more than a few hundred dollars. Stay away from the high end models that are priced too high for the beginner. I know treasure hunters who have located buried treasures using a metal detector that cost no more than $300.

If you do the research, and you keep trying, metal detecting for treasure can pay off. Others have been successful, and there are enough treasures buried for anyone to find them.

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Metal detecting for treasure around ghost towns is a great adventure.

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