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Revolutionary War Buckle

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Hobbyists want to see metal detecting finds. Everyone who is involved with metal detecting sooner or later wants to show off their finds, or tell a story about how they located them. And we all like to see those pictures, and hear the stories. Now is a perfect time to do that.

You may have an interesting story to tell, with some pictures, now is the time to share your metal detecting finds with the rest of us.

Thousands of people visit my website everyday. They come here to read stories about buried and lost treasures. They are looking for information on how to research, how to use a metal detector properly, or they want to know laws about digging up artifacts. And...they also come to my website to see the pictures of what others are finding.

Show them your stuff! It's easy...and you'll be able to have your own url to your very own page to share with others.

See what others have posted below. Then follow the easy instructions to post your own brief story and your pics.

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Don't worry about writing the next great piece of literature. You're not being judged on how well you write. Just tell us a brief story about your best metal detector finds.  Also, if I find any material to be offensive, I will edit, or delete completely.

I found the Revolutionary War buckle above while metal detecting an ares used during both the French & Indian War, and the Revolutionary War. It was a site I was researching for one of my TV shows. 

So go ahead and tell us your metal detecting story. It's easy to do. And don't forget to add some pictures. SORRY!, But your story will not be posted if you do not have pictures.

After your story and pictures are posted by me on your website page, that’s right, you'll actually be building your own unique webpage. And after that page is posted by me you will be able to share your page with your friends at Facebook, Twitter, or any social website.

See what others have created with their stories and pictures. Here is a directory of metal detecting stories.

What’s Your Metal Detecting Story?

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Let's See Your Metal Detecting Finds

What’s Your Metal Detecting Story?

Many of us would like to read about your metal detecting stories, and see pictures of your finds. Here is your chance to share your stories and your finds with others.

Just upload a picture, as well a brief story about how you located your find.

Share with us here at my website...And share your picture and story with your friends. You'll be able to do so with a link of your own.

Have fun with this, create your own page.

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See what others have found. Go here for a directory of metal detecting stories.

Please feel free to comment on others finds, but be nice! I will delete negative comments. And who knows, you may find a treasure hunting pal.

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My First Significant Finds - what got me hooked on MD'ing 
I bought a metal detector off Ebay, a Garrett Ace 400. A beginner machine which I still use. I've only started last summer 2020. I never found anything …

I was exploring my property with my grandkids and we found the attached rocks. We had such a great time, I ordered a metal detector and cannot wait to …

West of Galveston beach Detecting 
Hello my name is Larry Rainwater this was the first time detecting I went with my friend Todd, We went to Galveston beach west of Jamaica beach we searched …

5 coins in one hole  
So on April 20th 2019 a friend and I decided to go out to do some detecting at a cellar hole and orchard state park in manistee after spending most of …

My bling!!! 
Came to this website to get some info on my area. Started talking to frank who has been a huge help and encourager through the beginning trials you go …

old ship badge ? not to sure  
i found this in newport , rhode island metal detecting not a beach not to sure what it was on or the age of it, it says belmont auto marine co, and has …

The Gravestone 
Hi, everyone, I live in this Historic place called Pelham Massachusetts, it is right next to the Quabbin which is a manmade reservoir. Pelham is full …

Philadelphia Pieces of Eight 
Back in the early 70's they were constructing interstate I-95 through Philadelphia along the river front in center city. one portion was a tunnel near …

Buried under years of oak leaves... 
My dad has 5 acres on a hillside on the outskirts of San Juan Bautista, CA. I have spent time all my life on that hillside, 40 + years. I love exploring …

Don't know what it is? 
Found this 40yrs ago in a park in Detroit around 7mile and vandyke please tell me what it is?

botched detection gone alien!!! 
the signal said many objects of steel or iorn at 3ft. we dug up till 9am the next day -an entrance to the underworld!!as we probed into the darkness of …

Good Day at an 1812 Farm House 
Good day of detecting at an old farm house belonging to a friend in Central NY.

Ghost Town 
One of my boys was out fishing last year and told me about some foundations that he noticed on a hillside, on the way to one of his favorite fishing holes. …

Methodist old church camp grounds island heights nj  
Found a buffalo nickel but can't tell the date and some kind of button

WW1 Great seal button 
Hey Frank, I went out detecting yesterday and found this. I thought it was pretty cool especially being Memorial day weekend.

Four times out, found coins each time 
Hi my name is Bob and i live in New Hampshire, i just started metal detecting and i love it, i have gone out four times in one week and have found a total …

1789 George Washington Inaugural Button 
Was hunting in a friends backyard outside of Halltown Wv, mostly trash and iron until i came accross this rare find, had no idea what it was at first, …

pulltab queen 
Went to an old homesite metal detector gave a strong signal oh no it's starting to rain so I hurried found my object and seen that was cool then covered …

More buckles and stuff from the farm 
Here`s another assortment of finds that I`ve found on the farm, as well as other older places I`ve hunted.

More farm finds 
Here are some more finds that I`ve recovered from the farm.

Got Dog Tags?! 
Hello! My name is Neil McElroy ~ I am a member of ISALC (the International Society of Animal License Collectors). We are always looking for newly discovered …

first time out with lil girl 
first time out with lil girl and detector we just got a pirate head hunter detector we took it in the backyard she wants to have the headphones on and …

After Hurricane Irene missed us here in Florida it did have a huge ocean surge impacting the beaches. I was searching up were you can see the ocean …

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White's Coin Master Pro At Myrtle Beach 
I recently took up metal detecting and bought a White's Coin Master Pro. I was swinging it from side to side on the beach and the 50 cent piece indicator …

This is a true story but the treasure finder wish to remain anonymous this person did work for my wife's company. He was doing some dirt work with a bobcat …

"DOUG HOLLY"-Science teacher barrrington H.S. illinois 
I was tricked into buying an detector by my stusents who insisted on making me dig-up history and not being such a INSIDE Couch potatoe...So i purchased …

Me and my Ace 250 
Well, I have had an Ace 250 (my first detector) for about a year and a half now. I have not made any really great finds as of yet. I did find a badly …

Long Jump Pit 
Early one spring day a few years back. I was detecting at the local school athletic field. In the past I have found the normal pocket change and silver …

British Boot Buckle and Cold weather Researching 
I live in new York. I am 49 years young and I love to fish and metal detect. Metal detecting has taken up much of my time in the past 5 years . I have …

My Two Cents Worth 
As finds go, this is not a huge deal, but it was a nice one for me. My name is John Tewell, from Columbus, Ohio. I have been a fan of Frank's show and …

My Best Finds 
Hi, I'm Debi, from Texas. I love metal detecting, but haven't been able to detect for awhile. The ground here is too hard to dig (we need rain, BAD)! …

Frank's French & Indian War Buckle 
One of my most interesting finds happened just before we were ready to film a metal detecting, TV series about the French & Indian war. We were researching …

my first metal detecting find 
Just wondering if someone knows what it is ???

my first find 
I live in Piqua, Ohio and I have done some research on the towns history. My house was built in 1920. 7 years after a flood that took out half the town …

Last summer while metal detecting in the water in front of the Fountain Bleu Hotel in Miami Beach a mature woman approached me from the shore wearing nothing …

My First Find 
Hi,my name is Ross Martzall and I had a friend get me into metal detecting in 2006. We started going out about 2 or 3 times a week and then my friend stopped …

King's Treasure 
I found this lion's head

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