Metal Detecting E-zine, The Digger

My metal detecting E-zine "The Digger" has been going through growing pains.

There have been some changes over the years that has caused me to be way behind in mailing it out. I apologize to my subscribers for the inconsistency of the mailings.

My hope was to bring you the best information about the hobby of metal detecting, and treasure hunting on a consistent basis. My desire to do so is there, and I will begin shortly once again to do so.

My hope is that The Digger metal detecting e-zine is an adventure for you.

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to start in the hobby. Or, you’re an avid detectorist, you’ll find fun and news in The Digger, and here's a Bonus,

The Digger is Free

That’s right. You pay “0”, zero, nada, for this ezine.

Each month you’ll receive by email your copy of The Digger.

We’ll talk straight talk. You’ll find no fancy words or technical stuff in The Digger.

Although I've changed the format of this metal detecting ezine a bit, you'll still find interesting pieces of information on metal detecting, treasure hunting, archaeology, and the ridiculous laws that effect our hobby.

I won't pull any punches either. I'll tell it the way it is.

I'll give you "Behind The Scenes News" and "Heard On The Street" information about the hobby – You’ll read about exciting treasure hunting discoveries from around the world - You’ll find new ways to research – And much more.

And Remember - This metal detecting newsletter is FREE.

To sign on to The Digger just use the simple form on this page. It's right there on the left beneath the menu bar...And remember, this metal detecting newsletter is Free. It will arrive monthly in your email.

I’ll also take care of that spam stuff so that you’ll be protected from any unnecessary emails.

So sign on, and in a few hours your copy of The Digger will arrive by email.

You can sign up for the newsletter easily, and you can un-subscribe just as easy.

Then brew some coffee, or if you’re like me, pop a brewski or two. Sit back, relax, and begin your adventure. Even if you never find stuff, at least you’ll have fun trying.

If you're interested, let this metal detecting e-zine guide you to more adventure.

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