by Dalton lebeauf
(lafayette,louisiana.) was years ago....1953 to be Exact and the circumstances were of an Orderly-must be type situation.the 8th regiment and the 8th army had taken a villiage in south yu'saung korea where enimies had All but obliterated the town.Any direction you looked was waste-land and smoking debris of every commander suggested that my battalion keep the Town as a reward for at least a week or so.We found refuge in what appeared to be a hotel or High to-do private and i searched the building and found a trap door leading to an Undergroud cave complex that went for at least 1/2 mile.we took 25 men and combed the entire complex...Suddenly i was told to "COME and SEE by a soldier from texas called"swinger"...We lifted some tarp and found Bars of GOLD in this storage Area..i mean truck loads!!!pure-Gold bars every where in this one wonder we Fought so Hard for this town!!at any rate the Commander was told and soon(2hrs) he came and inspected the Hoards of twinklw bars and anounced...well hell people..lets take this gold and remove it to our rearward position....12 hours later the entire 4-truck loads were heading back to sector-bravo laden with more gold than in the movies.the one soldier i talked to that was with me placed 5 bars to the side and had them hidden...Sgt.i know the Army wont let us piliage but here you go sir....WOW!!heavy as lead and glistening.we stored our share in ammo cans at the port bunko-office Hdqtrs and after we had been given orders to go state side ...we dug up the loot and smiled all the way back to N.carolina singing whisky and rye sing'a lings.where all that Gold went ???you got me salior...but gold is gold and i have shaved these two bricks for years for money..even putting my daughter "Sharon to college and thats relief!!chow ...

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Jun 18, 2013

"Gold Fever!!
by: Anonymous

Hey general...we swiped gold coins during Nam and the Storehouse was damn near full of them !except we had to Always watch for THE SEERS!!the old Cong-Temple elders with swords who shooed off the US soldiers from pilage and thievery! the coins were old as the country and big as 8inches and heavy!!anyhow , us well mannered soldier boys took the sack of coins and skeedattled back to base as fast as a Jeep can to Fly! most of those coins were distributed to other GI's who had family in the states!this georgia boy made off with 6 of them!! my girlfriend bobby and i ate at the finest resturants in Georgia for 5 years!! she kept one coin for herself!! but risking your head for trade is a high price if'n you get caught!! i bought a 1972 honda motorcycle with pieces from one coin and still have the Bike!!

Sep 14, 2010

by: Anonymous

general lebeauf...i am familiar with a story similar to this one that was told to me when i was a boy...dont know if its the same one ..but sounds damn near the same..i heard my father and grandfather one Night on the porch here in N.Carolina and the only facts i got was that the KOREANs are out of tons of Gold and the Americans picked up the loot...also, i would like to try my new detector on some beaches here in florida!!my friend came to my house with gold coins and Said .."come on jake...what are you waiting for..lets go!!So, i plopped down my visa card and Bought a 599.99 beach detector from fisher.this thing finds coins at three feet with ease..well sir, ythanks for the story and keep plugging!!jake mossly-South florida beach,Florida.

Sep 13, 2010

Good for you
by: Anonymous

I knew that his kind of thing happed and I am so glad some GI's pulled it off.

I heard about the cash in Iraq and hoped that some of them could have done the same thing.

Peace and Grace.

Sep 13, 2010

Thank You Sir!
by: Frank Pandozzi

Maj. Gen - I want to thank you first for serving our country. I appreciate the sacrifices both you and your men made for America.

And now, thanks for a GREAT story! I have heard other stories relating to the hiding of gold during all of the wars, going back to the French & Indian War. So actually, I am not shocked.

Thanks again for sharing with us, and thanks again for your service.

From a former AF vet,

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