Kentucky Metal Detecting Clubs

Here is a list of Kentucky metal detecting clubs.

If you are new to the hobby these organizations can help you in many ways.

And if you’ve been in the hobby for a while, the clubs can offer advise that you may not be aware of. Any knowledge received can be a bonus that helps you become better at searching for items.

If you are a club member and the information is not correct, or you wish to update it, please contact me by using the form below.


Kentucky Metal Detecting Clubs

Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters
Boone County High School Media Center
7056 Burlington Pike
Florence, KY 41042


“Located near the northern most point in Kentucky, we are now heading into our tenth  year. If you are interested in metal detecting, relic hunting, bottle collecting, or any form of treasure hunting, check us out.”

West Kentucky Treasure Preservation Society


Kentucky Law

49 Places To Metal Detect

Please use the form below if any information regarding Kentucky metal detecting clubs is incorrect, or if you would like me to ad information about a club I may have missed.

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