Jungle Booty

by Francis R. Taylor
(Memphis , tenn.)

TET Offensive

TET Offensive

Vietnam-1968-Tet offensive..Orders were to follow "C" ompany and bravo company to the road leading to phnom deim airbase-sector (29 Zulu)to meet the enemy on the roads and sabatoge the convoy we already knew was coming for us and the civialns.we planted enough explosives to make craters for three miles-40 feet deep and scare the fur off of monkies anyhow, the bet was that charlie would be here by tommorow we rested by and old buddist shrine in the jungle next to the roads.i drank my water with nick from south carolina and me and him smoked our marlboro's like it would be our last. as hours passed he showed me a temple sanctuary with starnge designs and noticed the monks prayinf on a hill side..he showed me the inside of the temple and we watched for anybody else how would mind our being here.finally he showed me a stone area and an old stone coffin-he slide the coffin open and "WWWHHHAAATTT? gold necklaces,jewelry,coins ,precious stones and funny manuscripts...we both took as much as we could carry and stuff in every nook and crannie of our gear...after the offensive which lasted 6 weeks...we were flown back to the USA and we still had the jewlery and the coins-GOLD of course..and last week i called him to remaind him about the war trinkets..he told me he sold coins and still had the bracelets and snake meddalion....i have kept my treasure also and will sell only if i need to....Chow for now-S.S.G.T.-Francis R. Taylor -Memphis,Tennnesse.

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Jun 18, 2017

JB is a war criminal
by: JAG

If you had been caught, you would have spent many a year at Leavenworth. Stealing that gold from the monks was a war crime, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Your buddy too. That is no different than sneaking into a church and stealing the offering plate. I don't know you, and that was a long time ago, but as a current military member, I'm ashamed of you and your actions.

Jun 15, 2011

Thank You For Your Service
by: Frank

Francis, that was an incredible story. I have heard of others in all wars coming upon treasures of all kinds. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for your service.

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