jail house finds

by ray Billings

UFO in front of our truck in oklahoma

UFO in front of our truck in oklahoma

..the old jail was called the ROUGE BOX or the HOT HOUSE-located by GPS and we found the coordinates and the foundation and some iorn bars and then..WHAM!! we found some okld rusted revolvers buried feet friom the foundation-1870's and coins 1860's and then the rings and some tin cans and horse shoes and an opld badge datted 1873 arizona .. we hunted until 8 pm becvause of the snakes and all we stopped and returned the next day as we slept in our vehicles and did not freeze as sparky and toto our dogs did!! so, the next find? jars of coins!!! a rifles rusted to crispy critters and some wagon rims..but after all this is the old west and after this we will head to nevada to search for GOLD!! yepper folks and remember to do your homework and follow the laws!!! thank you, ruddy "RAY" Billings -arizona

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Jan 18, 2013

Ray, Thanks For The Story!
by: Frank

Ray, you obviously did your research. And it paid off. GREAT story. GREAT finds.

I always tell people that if they research areas before they go out, they will do much better.

And thanks for reminding everyone to be respectful of the law.

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