by Jake Mcbryde

......Returning to the old farm in woodstock,New york was like going back in tyme in a time warp for me! i attended the three day event and i am 67 years young and quite sucessful as a businessman in insurance . my granson ike was with me hes 19 and he and i both detect together and learn how to hunt for coins and what have you. today we scoured the old farm hills whare the famous concert happened. after 10 minutes we got lucky and found rings, watches , belt bucles , lockets ,necklaces,quarters(1967) sandle latches and tons of trinkets!! my grandson ike found $5.75 worth of coins -some 1950's and in great shape. i remeber the music and the spirit of woodstock and i had to hitch-hike back to tennesse alone but made it back in 6days!exhausted and had to go to college that year.but the trinkets are here and the memories still linger of the final showmanship of jimi hendrix and his indian style guitar-picking and the crowds slowly imigrating to home or wherever they wandered after the festival!! despite all the cows and the sun-we did pretty good! i think i will sell most of this stuff on E-bay as to raise some funds for whoever will buy them!so long and happy findings! jake mcbryde-New york

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Jun 16, 2013

Jake, I'm Surprised
by: Frank

Thanks Jake, being a New Yorker I would have loved to have gone to Woodstock. However, I was in the Air Force at that time, there was no way for me to attend. I'm surprised you found what you did. I know individuals who have been to Woodstock detecting many, many, times, and they said there wasn't much left to find. Unless they were pulling the wool over my eyes.

Thanks again,

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