Indiana Lost Treasure

Indiana lost treasure sites are listed on this page. However, I cannot promise that this information is completely accurate. Because the information has been passed down through many years, certain elements of the lost treasure story may have been altered, either intentionally or otherwise.

This information should be researched through other means as well. Never rely on one piece of information about a treasure story you are researching. Use multiple research tools.

Researching For Indiana Lost Treasure

Use the Internet, visit historical societies, and the Archives in Washington D.C, they also have a website that you can use for researching. The more information you have, the better your chances of locating a treasure.

For more information on where and how to research for lost treasures.  Visit my research page.

Good luck! And have fun in your search for Indiana lost treasure.

Lost Treasure Sites in Indiana

New Harmony

Located on the Wabash River, Posey Cty. This area is of historical significanse.In the early 1800's it was settled by both the Lutherans and the Welsh. At first, New Harmony was settled as an experiment for communal living.By the late 1820's it was abandoned. Some of the original buildings still stand. If you can get permission to search here, there may be treasures, or relics.

Pigeon Roost

Located on U.S. 31, just south of Underwood in Scott Cty. This area was settled in 1809. Three years after settling, every settler was massacred by Shawnee Indians, and the settlement was burned down.A mass grave was used to bury the victims.


Located in Warren Cty, near the Illinois State Line.Four bandits in the late 1800's, stole approximately $80,000 in gold bullion from a passenger train. Also included in the robbery wasa large amount of coins and paper currency. A few days after the robbery, a safe was found and the bandits were caught. They were then hung without revealing where the stolen lootwas located.


Located near State rte 31A in Jackson Cty. In 1868 the Reno Brothers hid a safe containing $80,000. The safe was stolen from a train. The brothers fled to Canadabecause of being chased by a posse. Supposedly the safe has never been recovered.

Michigan City

On the shores of Lake Michigan in Laport Cty, near this city is a cave that supposedly holds 2000 cases ofwhiskey. The cases were stolen by gangster Al Capones henchmen. Today the estimated worth of the whiskey is approximately $1,000,000.

Know What The Laws Are Before You Dig

Don't get caught digging illegally. Understand what the law says about removing artifacts from the ground.

Using A Metal Detector To Search For Indiana Lost Treasure Is A Good Idea.

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If you spend between $350-$450 on a new model, that is good enough. Just read the owners manual, and practice with your detector, and you will do fine. Move up to the high end models after you have become proficient in the hobby.

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Indiana lost treasures may be located in ghost towns.

Where To Find Treasure, Cash And Coins Using A Metal Detector

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