Illinois Metal Detecting Clubs

Here is a list of Illinois metal detecting clubs.

If you are new to the hobby these organizations can help you in many ways.

And if you’ve been in the hobby for a while, the clubs can offer advise that you may not be aware of. Any knowledge received can be a bonus that helps you become better at searching for items.

If you are a club member and the information is not correct, or you wish to update it, please contact me by using the form below.

Illinois Metal Detecting Clubs

Illinois Valley Historical Research & Recovery Association

W club in Northern Illinois. Our club was formed in October of 2010 and the We meet on the second Monday of every month , 7pm at 931 Third Steet, LaSalle, IL. ph. 815-481-7957.

Midwest Historical Research Society

St Albans Church
6240 N. Avondale
Chicago, IL 60631

The Midwest Historical Research Society (MHRS) was founded in October of 1968 by seven men from the Chicago area. Although the name of our club is slightly obscure, MHRS is a club of metal detecting enthusiasts. Over the years our club has grown and today has a roster of well over one hundred members. MHRS is an open membership club. Membership is available to all adults as well as their children. From the novice to the master, from the youngster to the seasoned senior, the members of MHRS represent a diverse group of people drawn together by a shared interest in the hobby of metal detecting. Our club is dedicated to cultivating this shared interest and providing a safe and secure environment for members to explore and pursue their hobby.

Peoria Public Library

1137 West Lake Avenue
Peoria, IL 61614

Sage City Relic Hunters Club

Will County Historical Research & Recovery Association

American Legion Hall
2625 Ingalls Ave.
Joliet IL, 60435

We are a metal detecting club in Northeastern Illinois around the Joliet / Chicagoland area. Our club was formed in 1983 and several founding members are still active with the club. Our current enrollment consists of 87 members, which includes several young metal detectorists.

We meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 pm at the American Legion Hall, located at 2625 Ingalls Ave. Joliet IL, 60435,

Know The Illinois Law when digging for artifacts.

Where To Find Treasure, Cash And Coins Using A Metal Detector

Please use the form below if any information regarding Illinois metal detecting clubs is incorrect, or if you would like me to ad information about a club I may have missed.

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