by Tracy
(Menominee, MI)

Although I don't do metal detecting, I would love to at some point in the future! What I do is dig for beach glass. I have found a few rings, a silver spoon, and this past summer while digging I found this belt buckle. It seems to be brass, from it's weight and color and small, maybe a child's size (about 3 inches across). It may be just a store bought buckle, but thought that the owls, mountains and hot air balloon (a strange combination) may be specific to a club or something. At first I thought the birds where bats, but on closer examination, they have "horns" like owls. Any help? Thanks! Found on the shore of Green Bay waters on the Upper Michigan/Wisconsin border.

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Jan 29, 2013

Tracy, Try This Forum!
by: Frank

Hi Tracy, post your picture at

tell Tom Frank Pandozzi sent you. They have a section where people try and identify finds. I will also post your story at my Facebook page.


Jan 28, 2013

More Information
by: Tracy

Dear Frank,
There is no writing on it that I can see. There are double clasps on the back running top to bottom about 1 inch apart with an extra hook type on one side.

Jan 22, 2013

Tracy, We Will Try and Identify!
by: Frank

Hi Tracy, thanks for your post. That is an interesting find. Does it have any markings, or words on it? How about on the back? Is there a clasp? Let's see if we can have someone identify this for you.

Also, get a metal detector. You're already on the beach. There is no telling what you're walking over.

You don't have to spend a lot of money for a detector. When you are ready to decide, just contact me through my website here. I'll help you!


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