Hunting Treasure with my Granddaughter

by Jim Stout
(Hardin, Texas U.S.A.)

I had my detector loaned out to my cousin Lloyd in California. He had recently returned my detector and on a sunny weekend, I decided to test it out.

My 5 year old granddaughter Evelyn, wanted to go along so we headed out near the house in Liberty County Texas. Soon enough, we got a signal, and I told her that it was a can of some kind.

She looked at me in that matter-of-fact way, and said, "let's dig it up!" So we did. The Something Lite can was exactly 4 inches down, just like the reading.

Evelyn told me that "we needed to dig up that can for recycling and save the planet..!"

Well, I never thought a beer can would be treasure. But it is cleaned up, flattened out, and displayed as our first find together.

I hope that your hunting is just as good.

Jim Stout
Liberty County Texas.

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Jan 21, 2013

Jim, You Gotta Love Kids!
by: Frank

Jim, that was great. Kid's will say anything. What your grand daughter said was the perfect example. And that is quality time you spend with her.

I can't wait till my grand daughter is old enough to go with me. She's only 20 months old, and I already have a metal detector for her!

Thanks Jim,

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