Help identifying

by Michelle
(San Jose, CA USA )

I found this piece of crumpled metal at a creek in California a couple years back. For some reason I had to bring it home and clean it up. Curiosity... Studying it I knew it looked like a old weapon blade. But everyone thinks I'm crazy. I'm still sticking to my story. It was pretty rusted when I found it. It's taken me a lot of hours carefully cleaning it up to see if any markings were visible. It is intriguing how it could have ended up in this condition. Had to have been a lot of force behind it to crumple it like this. Its strong metal. It looks to me like a hatchet blade or axe head. It is definitely sharp as heck on one side. Interesting piece regardless. Thoughts?

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Jul 23, 2020

Thanks for Sharing
by: Frank

Michelle, thanks for sharing your photos. It's difficult to determine what you found. From the pictures, they look like metal. But without any identifying marks it's hard to tell what they are.

If found near a creek they could be from anywhere, or anything. Flooding throughout the years brings with it items washed along the shores from miles away.

Perhaps someone viewing can identify what you found.



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