by Mike Wardle
(grain valley mo.)

This is a true story but the treasure finder wish to remain anonymous this person did work for my wife's company. He was doing some dirt work with a bobcat at an old home site they purchased .Thet found 2 or 3 ,20 dollar gold eagles in the freshly turned dirt they decided to rent a metal detector and search for more and found a total of 17 , 20 dollar gold eagles in part of an old blue jar this could have been the life savings of a civil war veteran that never made it back home. This happened about 4 years ago in the Ozarks .

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Oct 16, 2010

I am Not Surprised!
by: Frank

Hawkeye, thanks for the story. However, I am not surprised that happened. I have stories coming to me like that all the time.

Thanks again,

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